Dambakolaptuna Pilgrimrest
Naval Rest Mihintale

    The Dambakolapatuna Rest incorporates an airy and spacious “ Sea Breeze ” restaurant. The restaurant feature a modern but minimalist ambiance where brilliant white takes precedent. Also, tables are set in the veranda where guests could enjoy a wonderful meal enjoying the serenity of the location while reminiscing of the history of the location. The restaurant seats 80 guests and is managed with utmost care to the highest standard. It is a welcome addition to Pilgrims who patronize Dambakola Patuna Sangamitta Temple, as hygienic meals are not available in the vicinity of the sacred site.

    In keeping with the sentiments of the locality and the historical significance, no liquor and meat will be served in the restaurant which offer breakfast, lunch & dinner. However, guests have the option of requesting for sea food at extra cost. The menus dished out at the restaurant are not elaborate but simplistic and largely vegetarian as pilgrims visit Dambakola Patuna Sangamitta Temple for the purpose of veneration.

    Dambakolapatuna Rest


    Sea breeze Restaurant

    Naval Rest Mihinthale is intended to deliver superior hospitality of Naval culture, relaxed and calm habitat at the close proximity of sacred Mihintalaya while offering splendid culture of ancient kingdoms along with warm hearted friendliness at offerable rates for local pilgrims and tourists those who are visiting Anauradapura and Atamasthanaya as well.

    Naval Rest


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